Welcome note from Tobias Langner, the new EAA president

Dear members and friends of the European Advertising Academy,

First and foremost, thank you all for your confidence in giving me the opportunity to serve the EAA as president.

Initiated more than twenty years ago by our late colleague Flemming Hansen, the EAA has developed into a vibrant and highly productive research community. We just experienced a wonderful ICORIA, with a record number of 160 presentations and participants from more than 30 countries, all over the world, coming to visit the thrilling city of Bordeaux. It is truly the people who have made EAA to what it is: strong researchers, enthusiastic conference chairs, energetic board members, and proficient past presidents. Many thanks to all of them for supporting and nurturing the very idea of EAA!

In particular, I express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to our former president, Sara Rosengren, who led our academy with dedication, vision, and unwavering commitment.

In my presidentship, I seek to strengthen our organization, and its flagship product ICORIA even further. Moreover, I aim at intensifying our network with our friends from the AAA and continuing to maintain and reinforce our strong successful ties with the International Journal of Advertising. I also hope to encourage all of you to share your thoughts, wishes, and ideas with me about how we can make the EAA even better together.

I hope to see you all at ICORIA 2024 in Thessaloniki!

Tobias Langner
EAA President

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