Special Sessions

Proposals for a Special Session (SS) should cover one entire session (4 papers). These proposals are submitted by the session chair, who is responsible for the submission of 1 document with the 4 manuscripts and 1 document with the names and affiliations of each manuscript. The aim of SS is to stimulate discussion and set up new insights or domains. Special session proposals are peer reviewed based on the relevance of the topic, innovative approach, and the quality of the content.

All guidelines and criteria for regular submissions are applied for submissions of a SS (please consult the Call for papers. Length is limited to two pages per paper plus a separate cover/title page.

The summary of each contributor must include an Abstract, Introduction, Discussion and/or Conclusion and a short list of references. Also a brief description of the hypotheses, research objectives, methods and findings if applicable. A separate cover/title page should include for all the manuscripts: Title, Author(s) names, Affiliations, and Contact Details.

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