Past EAA Grant winners

Past winners of the EAA Research Grant


Daniel Bruns and Lennart Borgmann, Julian Felix Kopka and Tobias Langner
Gaining and Holding Attention toward Advertisements through Attention Tactics
Amount awarded: €1500

Aylin Cakanlar and Hristina Nikolova
Protecting the Environment for Our Children or Not: How Parenting Affects Sustainable Behavior
Amount awarded: €1500


Eunsin Joo, Jing Yang & Minjin (MJ) Rheu
Human Influencers vs. Virtual influencers: A Comparison Study on Advertising Effectiveness
Amount awarded: €900

Carolin Ischen & Edith Smit
Developing a scale for humanness perceptions of conversational technologies in brand communication
Amount awarded: €1,500

Dasha Antsipava, Guda van Noort & Eva van Reijmersdal
Blockchain in the Advertising Landscape (BAL): Consumer Empowerment and Trust
Amount awarded: €600


Mengtian “Montina” Jiang & Anan Wan
Expert Opinions of Live-Streaming Shopping: An e-Delphi Study
Amount awarded: €700

Nina Krey, Shuang Wu & Ryan E. Cruz
Masculinity depiction in brand Instagram ads: importance of masculine congruence
Amount awarded: € 1,023

Nathalie Dens, Freya De Keyzer, & Maxime Ver Elst
Default nudges and food choice: The moderating role of self-control
Amount awarded: € 1,250


Joanna Strycharz & Claire Segijn
Corporate surveillance in your living room: Synced advertising and chilling effects
Amount awarded: €1,000

Marijke De Veirman, Michelle Nelson, Liselot Hudders & Veroline Cauberghe
Using Child Vloggers to Instill Healthy Food Choices in Preschoolers: An Experimental Trial
Amount awarded: €1,500