Doctoral Colloquium 2016, June 30

The aim of the ICORIA Doctoral Colloquium is to provide PhD students with professional skills needed for their academic career. The colloquium gives PhD students the opportunity to learn from the insights and experiences of senior scholars in their field of study. Furthermore, PhD students will meet peers from different countries and start (or continue) building an international network that will be valuable throughout their academic career.

This year’s Icoria doctoral colloquium focuses on equipping students with skills needed to take advertising research into the future. We will also take the future into the conference by allowing participants to chair sessions in the main conference. More specifically, Doctoral Colloquium participants will host a majority of the conference sessions. So, if you are curious about the future of advertising research and/or the doctoral colloquium make sure to ask a session chair.

On behalf of the EAA Board, Sara Rosengren

Programme Icoria Doctoral Colloquium

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