Bordeaux, France hosts EAA’s 19th annual conference

The 19th International Conference on Research in Advertising 2020 will be held in Bordeaux (France). Formerly known as the Sleeping Beauty, Bordeaux has completed its transformation: beyond vineyards and beaches, Bordeaux is an amazing city with its famous “Water Mirror”, the 229 steps of the Pey-Berland Tower and the longest shopping street in Europe (rue Sainte Catherine). Listed as a “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO, Bordeaux has been awarded the European Best Destination (2015) and the 2nd city in the world one should visit according the New York Times (2016).

The conference topic “Authenticity, Narratives and History” is a reflection about Bordeaux as a city, but also about what a brand is able to convey and what consumers are expecting. Research around these key words is still ongoing, and there is still lots to investigate.


The venue INSEEC School of Business & Economics is located a few minutes from the city center. All hotels and venues will be within walkable distance. ICORIA 2020 will start on June 25th with the 7th doctoral colloquium and a welcome reception in the evening. On Friday June 26th and Saturday June 27th researchers will present papers on advertising and communication related topics. The gala dinner on Friday and the social event on Saturday will provide a great opportunity for networking and collaboration.

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