Every natural person that is professionally concerned with or interested in research or teaching in the field of advertising is, irrespective of nationality, eligible to become a full member of the organisation.

The benefits of the EAA membership are:

EAA membership is included in the ICORIA conference fee.

If you wish to become a member without participating in the conference, please contact

EAA Members

As an EAA-member you have access to all areas of the EAA website.

Please note that your account won’t be active immediately after filling in the form. You’ll receive an e-mail to confirm your registration. After your registration is confirmed the administrator of the website needs to activate your account.

EAA-AAA Joint Membership

The EAA has started a joint membership with the American Academy of Advertising (AAA) with regular member dues for US $100 and student dues for US $50. This joint membership allows members access to both organizations with all membership benefits, including the ability to pay the members’ reduced price at both ICORIA and the AAA Conferences in the year of the joint membership. If you are interested, please visit

Please note that the EAA-AAA joint memberships run for a calendar year, not from the date of payment. In order to pay a reduced price for the ICORIA conference, you must first pay the joint membership fees before the registration.