Valencia, Spain host for EAA’s 17th annual conference

The 17th International Conference on Research in Advertising 2018 was held in Valencia, one of the friendliest cities in the world. This is the suitable place of light and color close to the beach to stimulate co-learning.

The conference theme “Brand communication with multi touchpoints” encourages new insights into how profitability and customer engagement are affected by multiple and very diverse consumer touchpoints in an omni-connected world.

The venue was at the University–Business Foundation of the University of Valencia, which is located in the historic city centre of Valencia. The ICORIA started on June 21st, 2018 with a welcome reception. On Friday June 22nd and Saturday 23rd 2018, the conference hosted the presentation of around 150 papers on various topics related to advertising and communication. More touch points include a Gala dinner on Friday night and a social event on Saturday.

Conference Organiser

The conference chair is:

With the support of the organizing committee from the Marketing Department of the University of Valencia: