Past EAA Grant winners

Past winners of the EAA Research Grant

Eunsin Joo, Jing Yang & Minjin (MJ) Rheu
Human Influencers vs. Virtual influencers: A Comparison Study on Advertising Effectiveness
Amount awarded: €900

Carolin Ischen & Edith Smit
Developing a scale for humanness perceptions of conversational technologies in brand communication
Amount awarded: €1,500

Dasha Antsipava, Guda van Noort & Eva van Reijmersdal
Blockchain in the Advertising Landscape (BAL): Consumer Empowerment and Trust
Amount awarded: €600

Mengtian “Montina” Jiang & Anan Wan
Expert Opinions of Live-Streaming Shopping: An e-Delphi Study
Amount awarded: €700

Nina Krey, Shuang Wu & Ryan E. Cruz
Masculinity depiction in brand Instagram ads: importance of masculine congruence
Amount awarded: € 1,023

Nathalie Dens, Freya De Keyzer, & Maxime Ver Elst
Default nudges and food choice: The moderating role of self-control
Amount awarded: € 1,250

Joanna Strycharz & Claire Segijn
Corporate surveillance in your living room: Synced advertising and chilling effects
Amount awarded: €1,000

Marijke De Veirman, Michelle Nelson, Liselot Hudders & Veroline Cauberghe
Using Child Vloggers to Instill Healthy Food Choices in Preschoolers: An Experimental Trial
Amount awarded: €1,500

Past ICORIA grant winners

• Lars Bergkvist

• Eunah Kim
• Maral Abdollahi