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The European Advertising Academy aims to promote, disseminate and stimulate high quality research in the field of advertising and its applications, and to provide a professional association to academics and practitioners. more...

Looking back at the 16th ICORIA in Ghent

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At the start of the summer, the majority of the advertising research community gathered in Belgium to enjoy this year’s ICORIA conference. More than 160 participants from about 30 countries participated in 33 sessions. The conference took place in the historical scenery of Ghent, where the conference chairs Veroline Cauberghe and Liselot Hudders, and their organizing team, Emma Beuckels, Marijke De Veirman, Laura Herrewijn and Dieneke Van de Sompel gave the participants a taste of the authentic city, its fine cuisine, nice weather (at least in Belgian terms) and provided a warm atmosphere.

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Ray Taylor received the 2017 EAA Flemming Hansen Award

Ray Taylor received EAA Flemming Hansen Award 2017

Charles Raymond (Ray) Taylor received the 2017 EAA Flemming Hansen Award, the official award of the European Advertising Academy for contributions to distinguished scholarship in advertising research. With this award, the EAA recognizes an author of one or more publications that had a significant impact in the field of advertising. The prize was awarded during the 16th ICORIA (International Conference on Research in Advertising) in Gent, Belgium. Read More…


The EAA was initiated by Flemming Hansen (Copenhagen Business School) and founded by him, Sandra Diehl (Institute for Marketing, Klagenfurt), Robert Heath (School of Management, Bath), Gorm Kunoe (Norwegian School of Management), Peter Neijens (The Amsterdam School of Communications Research), and Ralf Terlutter (Institute for Marketing, Klagenfurt). A short overview of the history of EAA and ICORIA is provided here.

Objective of the EAA

The objective of the association is to provide a professional association to academics and practitioners interested in advertising and its applications that will promote, disseminate and stimulate high quality research in the field.

The association particularly serves as a meeting and communication forum for its members. It offers a network for the exchange of knowledge on an international level and constitute a framework allowing for a better dissemination of information on research and teaching.

The association also aims at the development of relations with all other professional and research-oriented associations which are active in the field, as well as with European or international committees and authorities concerned with political decision making, active in this field.