Valencia, Spain host for EAA's 17th annual conference

The 17th International Conference on Research in Advertising 2018 was held in Valencia, one of the friendliest cities in the world. This is the suitable place of light and color close to the beach to stimulate co-learning.

The conference theme “Brand communication with multi touchpoints” encourages new insights into how profitability and customer engagement are affected by multiple and very diverse consumer touchpoints in an omni-connected world.


The venue was at the University–Business Foundation of the University of Valencia, which is located in the historic city centre of Valencia. The ICORIA started on June 21st, 2018 with a welcome reception. On Friday June 22nd and Saturday 23rd 2018, the conference hosted the presentation of around 150 papers on various topics related to advertising and communication. More touch points include a Gala dinner on Friday night and a social event on Saturday.

ICORIA 2018: Looking back at the 17th ICORIA in Valencia

The advertising and communication research community had an unforgettable rendezvous 21-23 June in the city of Valencia (Spain), enjoying multi touchpoints at the 17th ICORIA.


188 participants from 27 countries participated in 38 sessions. The conference took place in the historic city centre of Valencia, where the conference chair Enrique Bigné and his organizing team gave the participants a taste of Mediterranean hospitality. Valencia combines rich tradition with the avant-garde, gourmet cuisine, superb beaches and weather and, above all, warm and friendly people, in a unique cocktail. Continue...

Overview of papers

For the attendees of ICORIA 2018 we have prepared a handy overview of the papers presented at this year’s conference.Continue...

Conference Programme

The review process is over. Reviews have been sent to contact names on April 24th. Please check your email or contact your co-authors. This year the number of submissions was 159 and each submitted paper was subjected to a double blind peer review process. Feedback was provided to each paper regardless of the acceptance or rejection, hoping this might be useful for you. Continue...

ICORIA 2018 Doctoral Colloquium

The aim of the ICORIA Doctoral Colloquium is to provide PhD students with professional skills needed for their academic career. The colloquium gives PhD students the opportunity to learn from the insights and experiences of senior scholars in their field of study. Furthermore, PhD students will meet peers from different countries and start (or continue) building an international network that will be valuable throughout their academic career.


Hotels ICORIA 2018

Valencia has a great variety of accommodation of high quality that adapts to different budgets. Continue...

Travel information – getting to Valencia

By plane

The Valencia airport is about 8 km from the city centre. It has direct flights with the following countries: Germany (5), Belgium (2), Bulgaria (1), France (3), The Netherlands (3), Ireland (1), Italy (9), Malta (1), Norway (1), Portugal (1), UK (4), Czech Republic (1), Romania (3), Switzerland (2), Turkey (2) and Ukraine (1). Although some of them are non daily, connections flights through Madrid, Barcelona, or Mallorca airports are just less than one hour flight. Continue...


Valencia, the third largest city in Spain, was founded by the Roman Empire in 138 B.C. Since ancient times, Valencia has been well-known for its radiant light, Mediterranean spirit, and fertile soil. Valencia is a dual city where everything finds its contrast and complement: antiquity and modernity, past and future, throbbing life and serenity, classicism and innovation, culture and nature, urban atmosphere and sea breeze. Continue...


The conference fee for registration before May 21, 2018 is €375. The fee includes admission to all sessions, lunches, and refreshments, the welcome reception, the gala dinner, the social event, the conference proceedings and the €30 annual membership fee of the European Advertising Academy (EAA). The doctoral colloquium is free of charge for PhD students registered for the conference.

The conference fee for registration after May 21, 2018 is €450.

Link to the registration form: https://congresos.adeituv.es/ICORIA2018/

Special Sessions

Proposals for a Special Session (SS) should cover one entire session (4 papers). These proposals are submitted by the session chair, who is responsible for the submission of 1 document with the 4 manuscripts and 1 document with the names and affiliations of each manuscript. The aim of SS is to stimulate discussion and set up new insights or domains. Special session proposals are peer reviewed based on the relevance of the topic, innovative approach, and the quality of the content.

Call for Papers

Update: The deadline for the conference has been extended to March 22

The Department of Marketing of the School of Economics at the University of Valencia and the European Advertising Academy are delighted to invite you to Valencia, Spain, for the 17th International Conference on Research in Advertising (ICORIA), taking place on June 21-23, 2018. The conference theme “Brand communication with multi touchpoints” encourages new insights into how profitability and customer engagement are affected by multiple and very diverse consumer touchpoints in an omni-connected world.


Conference Organiser

The conference chair is:

With the support of the organizing committee from the Marketing Department of the University of Valencia:

  • Joaquín Aldás
  • Luisa Andreu
  • Víctor Ballester
  • Pedro Canales
  • Antonio Carlos Cuenca
  • Rafael Currás
  • Asunción Hernández
  • Inés Küster
  • Carmen Pérez
  • Marcelo Royo
  • Carla Ruiz
  • Isabel Sánchez
  • Silvia Sanz
  • Natalia Vila